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Build Your Child's Superpowers!

Hands-on STEM projects designed for 6-11 year olds. Give your child a headstart with future-critical skills as they train with science superhero Nanogirl!


Engaging, Inspiring Live Science Experiences

Nanogirl Live! offers live science 'edu-tainment' experiences to suit any venue or setting.


We offer science theatre performances, festival-style 'street science' activations, and a comprehensive programme of in-school engagement, all designed to inspire, educate and empower a diverse audience.

Science is for Everyone

Nanogirl Live! is purpose-designed to attract and engage a diverse audience. Nanogirl Live! audiences are typically 52% female, and aged between 5-14 years. We have proven success engaging communities under-represented in STEM education and in the workforce.

97% of the 30,100 attendees at a recent tour said that, having seen the show, they wanted to study science in school.

Connecting Audiences With Science Worldwide

Created and based in New Zealand, Nanogirl Live! regularly tours worldwide.

Our shows are specifically designed to incorporate non-English languages, either in full, or integrated with the English-language script.  To date, our shows been presented in Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and Te Reo Maori.

"We're on a mission to ensure that everyone, everywhere has the chance to enjoy a meaningful relationship with STEM."

How Nanogirl Came to Be

Nanogirl loves science, technology and engineering.  When she's faced with a challenge, she uses her STEM knowledge and engineering skills to solve the problem - and to help her friends learn something along the way.

Nanogirl was first conceived by real-life nanotechnologist and science communicator Dr Michelle Dickinson MNZM.  Working as academic, Dr Dickinson was passionate about engaging young people in the field she loved, and regularly visited schools talking about the 'superpowers' her work in nanomechanical engineering could create.  Students, hearing about this, decided she needed a superhero name and started calling her 'Nanogirl'...the name stuck!

In 2016, Michelle co-founded Nanogirl Labs, and the team set about creating Nanogirl as a character in her own right.  In our Nanogirl Live! work, Nanogirl is played live on stage by one of our highly trained science communication team.  The 'original' Nanogirl, Michelle is still often found on stage presenting the character she helped to create.

'The Original Nanogirl'

Dr Michelle Dickinson MNZM on stage with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“They promised big bangs, and they delivered…Great to see scientific principles being explained.”

““Educational, Entertaining, and Explosions!””



Funny, explosive, engaging and educational.  Our large-scale live science theatre performances bring science to life as you've never seen it before.  Adaptable to different spaces and formats.


The Nanogirl Live! team visit schools, engaging students with exciting live shows and inspirational talks, and helping teachers to develop their confidence and capability in teaching STEM.


Engaging and highly interactive science street theatre.

Perfect for festivals, outdoor and mall venues, the Nanogirl street science programme brings science to the audience in a way they'll never forget.

We offer training to academics, entrepreneurs and  performers.  


Our team members specialise in leadership & innovation, science communication and public presentation training.