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Science in Schools

Interactive science and STEM shows for primary and intermediate schools.




Nanogirl is passionate about making science and STEM exciting and accessible for primary school students across NZ.

We’ve been performing Nanogirl science shows in primary schools for over six years, and in 2019 over 10,000 students in schools around NZ enjoyed our school performances.

We believe that positive role models can make all the difference, especially for encouraging young girls in STEM, so all Nanogirl school shows are delivered by a fully qualified female scientist or engineer who is experienced in effective science communication. 

We can also deliver Teacher PLD sessions, to empower you to make science education fun and accessible for your students.

Superhero Science with Nanogirl

Who wants to be a superhero?


The Nanogirl 'Superhero Science' show gets noisy and explosive, as we explore the science behind superpowers and help your students to engineer superpowers of their own. 

'Superhero Science' is a professional, interactive one hour show, ideal for primary school students in Years 1-8.


It's filled with exciting experiments that bring science and engineering to life, from a toilet paper canon to a leaf-blower powered hoverboard!

The content of the show is designed to support the NZ School Curriculum at Levels 1-3, and captivates both students and teachers alike though an engaging storyline that incorporates Māori myths and legends.

We’ll learn about the science of fire through the story of Mahuika and how Maui stole her fire.

We’ll experiment and test hypotheses together, and learn how to push sharp sticks through balloons without them bursting by understanding the science behind how things break.

We’ll learn about gravity and how roller-coasters work, and perform a daring experiment that risks us all getting wet!

We’ll engineer a toilet paper cannon and a giant, leaf blower powered hoverboard, all while learning about the science of flight.

Thank you Nanogirl for organising this amazing event!

I have had great feedback from students and many are keen to attend the November event with their families! Burnside Primary School loved having Nanogirl and I am sure the students will be inspired for years to come!

The children really enjoyed themselves - my own daughter was in the crowd and spent the weekend telling us she wants to be a scientist just like Nanogirl when she grows up. Success!

Our students LOVED it. We (teachers) were talking about how much we liked the way you talked about what a Scientist does/thinks/says as you were conducting the different experiments. This was a great way to kick-off our term of pure Science learning... based around the Nature of Science. So thank you so much!

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nanogirl performing at Roslyn School

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