Our Shows

From our mind-blowing, explosive theatrical performances to our Street Science and events programmes, every Nanogirl Live! show is designed to inspire and engage our young audiences in the wonders of science, technology and engineering.

A fun, engaging narrative, a strong female lead character, and incredible feats of science and engineering make Nanogirl Live! a hit with diverse audiences worldwide.  The story in each script supports audience engagement, and retention of the science principles communicated.


Our academic credentials, professional management and production standards that are second-to-none make Nanogirl Live! the live science programme of choice for event producers.


We have three fully tour-ready shows, each combining a unique narrative, connecting together science and engineering demonstrations.

Written and designed for proscenium theatres with flytower facilities, each show is readily adaptable to suit a variety of spaces, including lecture halls and smaller performance spaces if required.


Each show is written as 60 minutes, with a 30 minute variation available.

Our development team are experienced at adapting scripts and demonstrations to meet venue, duration and content requirements.


In addition to our full stage shows, we offer Street Science - highly engaging, interactive science shows created specifically for outdoor 'busking' style engagements.

Often presented in festival settings alongside our full stage shows, Street Science brings audiences close to the action, with Nanogirl engaging directly with the crowds.


Our presenters & educators regularly visit schools, engaging both students and teachers alike.

We deliver professional development for teachers, providing resources and support to help them in developing their STEM teaching practices.

We offer highly engaging live science shows in schools (usually to large assembly groups), as well as talks on STEM subjects, STEM career journeys and leadership.