About Us

Nanogirl Live! is an explosive, engaging, entertaining and educational live performance programme.  


From our theatre shows to our in-school programmes, our work connects a diverse group of young people with science, technology and engineering in a way that creates a proven and lasting impact.  Our communicators work around the world to inspire, educate and empower through STEM.


Nanogirl Labs was created by Co-Founders Joe Davis and Dr Michelle Dickinson MNZM.  A social enterprise, Nanogirl Labs exists to inspire, educate and empower through STEM.

Now in demand worldwide as a leading science entertainment and education programme, Nanogirl Live! began as a collaboration between Nanogirl Labs, Auckland Festival and thinkScience! - an initiative to bring science content to Auckland's annual arts festival.  We are proud of our ongoing relationship with both organisations, and grateful for the support and encouragement as we developed our programme.

Nanogirl Labs is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and available for touring worldwide.  Our work has been presented in Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and English, and our team are experienced in incorporating new languages and cultural elements into our work.  Find out more about our shows here, and - if you would like to know more - drop us a line!

The Nanogirl Live! Team

Joe Davis

Founder & CEO

Joe leads the Nanogirl Labs' team worldwide, and is the co-creator of Nanogirl Live!.  

The Producer for Nanogirl Live!, Joe leads the business aspects of the work, as well as leading the creative and development team as we build and direct our work. 

Dr Michelle Dickinson

Founder & CTO

The original "Nanogirl", Michelle is a world-renowned educator and communicator.  An engineer specialising in nanomechanical engineering, Michelle co-created Nanogirl Live!, and leads the science and engineering content development across our work, as well as training our team of science communicators.

Gareth Baston

Global Production & Programming Manager

Gareth manages the Nanogirl Live! programme worldwide, and leads our production management & health and safety programmes.

Co-creator of Nanogirl Live!, Gareth is a key member of the creative and development team, and one of our lead performers & communicators.

Dr Kate Sparks

Operations & STEM Engagement

A marine biologist, passionate educator, and experienced science communicator, Kate develops much of the STEM content across our products and programmes. Kate also performs as Nanogirl in schools around New Zealand, and regularly tours as part of Nanogirl Live! 

Jamie Blackburn

Production Manager

Jamie, through his company Burning Black Productions, is our chosen partner for production management services.  Jamie and his team have supported Nanogirl Live tours around the world, ensuring the highest standards of production delivery.

Khalid Parkar

Production Technician

Sound Designer

Khalid joins the Nanogirl Live! team through our production partner Burning Black Productions.   Khalid travels regularly to support the team on international tours, and creates the sound design for our shows.

Oliver Hawke

Production Technician

Lighting Designer

Oliver joins the Nanogirl Live! team through our production partner, Burning Black Productions.  Oliver has toured with the team regularly as a production technician and lighting operator. 

Nik Janiurek

Lighting Designer

Nik joins the Nanogirl Live! team through our production partner, Burning Black Productions.  A highly experienced Lighting Designer, Nik led lighting design for Little Bang, Big Bang and Engineering Magic.